3 Crucial Things you Need for Planning a Long Event

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When planning an event, there are so many factors you can overlook. Things like how many people will be there, entertainment you’ll need to book, and the amount of space you’ll have are somewhat easy, but what about the less obvious factors? Food, hygiene, security, and more all play an important role in a successful event, so fumbling on one could spell disaster. To prevent that from happening, remember these three crucial things you need for planning a long event.

1. Cooks

If your event lasts a few days, it’s not going to be enough to just order food in advance. Not only do you risk running out, you’re also compromising flavor and the satisfaction of your attendees by serving them progressively less and less fresh food. Simply hiring a few chefs to come and work something like a breakfast bar or the like helps elevate an event and make things more satisfying.

2. Showers

Assuming you’re not in the position to have everyone leave to go to hotels like in some kind of camping retreat or similar, it’s absolutely crucial you offer people a place to get clean. Attendees will put up with a lot, but their tolerance for everything rapidly goes down if they’re constantly gross, sweaty, and smelly. Rent some mobile showers to give people the opportunity to freshen up as needed if there aren’t any facilities around. You can’t really expect people to jump in a lake to wash up, right?

3. Roadmaps

While a literal map to where your event is going to happen might be convenient, this roadmap refers to a plan for the event and what’s going to happen. Too often, people simply rely on a bare bones schedule to get by, meaning they’re left unprepared in the face of a problem. An effective roadmap plans out how things should happen in addition to when and who’s doing it, as well as keeps track of the people involved and looks ahead for what could go wrong.

Running a long event is tough work, but remembering these three crucial elements can help make it a success.