3 Levels of Home Care for the Elderly

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Are you looking for support for your elderly parent or loved one, but you’re not sure what type of care they need? If you’re seeking assistance from home health agencies Bethesda MD, consider these three types of services.

Companion Care

If your parent lacks a large social circle or support system, a companion caregiver may be right for them. This type of caregiver can play games, read books or just spend time talking with clients. Companion caregivers play a vital role in the lives of the elderly and can even impact their health in a positive way. This type of care helps to avoid isolation and provide social engagement that is necessary during the aging process.

Personal Care

A second option for elderly services is that of daily living. Your loved one may require assistance with running errands, picking up around the house, preparing meals, and grooming. As parents age, they may lack the energy and ability to do all the things they previously did. This is where home health agencies in Bethesda, MD come into play. They can perform all these duties or simply help you out from time to time.

Skilled Care

If your parent is in need of medical assistance but is still able to remain in their home, skilled care may be the best fit for you. Skilled care workers can provide services such as physical, occupational, and speech therapy. They can provide general care, as well, but only skilled care workers can provide medical assistance. This care can occur short-term, as-needed, or longer-term.

Determining the best type of care for the elderly loved one in your life is crucial to meeting their needs. Companion care, personal care and skilled care are three general categories to consider when choosing what is the best fit for you and your loved one.