3 Turf Care Tips


Whether you are charged with caring for turf that is the size of a golf course or football field, or you care for the turf in your backyard, the healthier you keep it, the longer it will last. While it is true that natural grass requires a lot more maintenance, turf must be cared for, too. When you care for a larger area, equipment makes the task simpler and more efficient. A ventrac 4500z, for example, is great for tough terrains. It also includes power steering and agility.

Here are three turf care tips.

Remove Debris

It is important to keep turf free from debris. Debris poses several risks to the area if it begins to decompose or if bugs decide to make it their new home. Turf, like natural grass, will wear out over time if it is stepped on too frequently or if debris is allowed to sit on the fibers too long. When you rake the leaves, use rakes that do not have wire or metal bristles. Leave blowers are also a good option for blowing away leaves and other debris. You also want to take into account trees that hang over your turf. Birds and other wildlife that hang out in those trees will leave behind droppings. The sooner the droppings are cleaned, the less damage your turf will suffer.


Turf that experiences exposure to harsh winter conditions is not as affected as natural grass. If snow and ice builds up on your turf, let it melt naturally. Pulling ice from the fibers can pull more than the ice and cause unnecessary damage. The best way to rinse turf is with rainfall. If you have kept the turf debris-free, the melting snow and ice will help rinse it, too. When turf is situated in a region that does not experience rain throughout the year, use a hose to rinse.


Equipment is especially important for maintaining turf that covers a larger area, like a golf course. Mowers are available in walking and riding models. There are also mowers manufactured specifically to handle fairways. Bunker rakes, tractors and industrial blowers may also be helpful and of interest to you.

Caring for turf is a little easier than caring for natural grass. Removing debris, rinsing and procuring the best equipment will help you keep it looking its best in all conditions and weather.