9 Things to Consider Before Going on A Road Trip


A road trip isn’t about just deciding and hitting the road right away. There’s a lot of planning that needs to be done before you head out on a road trip. In addition to picking out a good destination, you need to consider a lot of things like the best route, road conditions and how many hours would you take to reach the place. Here is a list of 9 important things you need to consider before going on a road trip.


  1. Terrains


India is country that is famous for different kinds of terrains. A road trip around India is exciting. It allows you to experience beauty at its best. However, before a road trip it is very important to understand the road conditions and the terrain of a place. Motor vehicle insurance is also necessary if your car lands up damaged along the way.


  1. Right Time to Travel


Yes, checking the right time to travel is another important part of planning. Roads are sometimes closed due to rain and snowfall and therefore, you need to know when it is the right time to visit a place.


  1. Duration


When you’re on a road trip you need to explore the whole area, that’s what makes a road trip so exciting and adventurous. So, make sure you’re planning your road trip keeping a good number of days in mind, giving you enough time to explore the land to the best.


  1. Essential Equipment


Flashlight, road helpline numbers, service centre numbers, first aid kit, foot pump, puncture repair kit, Icebox, GPS are some essential things to carry with you. Also getting yourself a third party car insurance before you set out on your trip is a very good idea.


  1. Service Your Car


Before any big trip, make sure you’re getting your car well-serviced. Let the service station know about your plans, so they can service your car accordingly.


  1. Check Posts and Tolls


Along the way, you will come across a lot of police checks and tolls. So, it’s advisable to check out the posts and tolls that you will be passing. This is important, so that you know how much money you need to carry with you to pay toll tax.


  1. Spare Fuel


It’s better if you do not carry any spare fuel with you. However, if it is absolutely necessary, then carry it in a canister that has a tight seal rather than packaged water bottles. Also add a fire extinguisher to the list.


  1. Tire Check


We know how stressed our tires can get, so before any big trip make sure to check your tires. If necessary, replace them with new ones.


  1. Pack Smart


Knowing how much load your vehicle can take is key. Never over load your vehicle because you do not want to cause any problems along the way.


Follow these essential tips before you get set for any road trip to make your trip exciting, safe and adventurous. And do not forget to prepare yourself well in advance by buying a comprehensive car insurance policy