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Magnetic resononance imaging or MRI is a safe, effective, and noninvasive method of obtaining very detailed images of a person’s body. It’s the ideal method of screening for a number of medical conditions, and it is far safer than other forms of imaging. Unfortunately, it isn’t for everybody. As safe as a traditional MRI is for most people, it does feel a bit like being stuffed inside of a tube and being forced to listen to loud banging and clicking noises. This can be a nightmare for someone who is claustrophobic or sensitive to loud noises, yet the procedure might be necessary in some cases.

If you are the kind of person who hates the idea of going through a traditional MRI, there is good news for you. Even though you may still require magnetic resonance imaging, you don’t have to be subjected to the traditional machinery. There is such a thing as an open MRI, and it is just as effective as a traditional MRI.


There are plenty of benefits to using a more open machine for your MRI. First of all, it will almost certainly be more comfortable for you. As we said before, a traditional MRI can sometimes feel like being stuffed into a tube. Meanwhile, the machinery used for more open imaging is far less likely to give you that sensation. You will lie down on a cushioned table that slides into an open machine that will feel far less restrictive than what is used in a traditional MRI. Since you won’t be enclosed, the whole process will also seem a lot quieter for you since the clacking and banging of the machinery won’t echo throughout an enclosed area. The entire process is just more comfortable overall.

The open machinery used in this type of procedure also comes in handy for larger patients who might not be able to make use of a traditional MRI machine. An open machine can be used for practically any patient, no matter who they may be. There are no restrictions based on size or body type.

While magnetic resonance imaging hasn’t changed all that much over the years, the machinery that is used during the procedure has. The next time you will need to undergo an MRI, ask your doctor if the more open machinery is an option for you. You might find the experience much more comfortable and much less trying than you have in the past.