Advantage of Using a Ribbon Blender

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A ribbon blender is a type of industrial mixer that is used in a number of industries in the United States. Ribbon blenders are vital to American industry for their ability to blend practically anything from food and pharmaceuticals to construction materials and plastics. In fact, the ribbon blender is said to be the backbone of industry in the United States when it comes to blending and mixing materials.

How a Ribbon Blender Works

A typical ribbon blender consists of a U-shaped horizontal trough and a ribbon agitator. The agitator is itself made from two ribbons that work together to blend different materials. The inner ribbons moves in one direction, while the outer ribbon moves in the opposite direction. The ribbons rotate at speeds of about 300 fpm, which can thoroughly blend materials during even short cycle times.

The Benefits of Using a Ribbon Blender

One of the biggest advantages of using a ribbon blender for any industrial project is that it blends almost any material thoroughly with almost no flaws. This comes in handy for manufacturing any material that needs to be mixed well such as paint, concrete, and foods. These blenders are often used in bakeries that need to blend large amounts of ingredients at one time. They can also blend materials fairly quickly, even if the ribbons themselves move slowly. Finally, the average ribbon blender has a very large trough, so it is ideal for large projects.

The Disadvantages of Using a Ribbon Blender

There aren’t many downsides to using a ribbon blender to mix ingredients. The only major disadvantage that you might find is that a ribbon blender takes large amounts of power to operate correctly, so you should definitely keep in mind your energy needs if you are going to use one of these machines for your business.

The ribbon blender is considered the backbone of American industry when it comes to blending materials, and for good reason. It blends both dry and wet ingredients thoroughly and with almost no flaws, and it can be used in practically any setting that requires the mixing of ingredients. If you have any kind of business that calls for you to mix large quantities of any material, don’t hesitate to find a company that sells these machines today.