An Opportunity to Get NRCME Certification

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If you’re thinking about broadening your career choices and would like to receive a DOT medical certification, you can find a program that will provide you with the knowledge required to follow through with your plans. The National Academy of DOT Medical Examiners provides NRCME training to any healthcare professionals who wish to be able to officially perform physical qualification examinations for truck and bus drivers.

The Course

The course was developed in 2005 by experts in the transportation industry along with OccMed Physicians, and it has since been successfully used by many physicians. The approximately 18 hours of instruction is all delivered online so that participants don’t have to travel or take time from work.

In addition to the direct instruction given, there are also chapter quizzes, post-test information, and critical medical advisory downloads. Participants in the course can email an instructor with any questions and refer back to previous instruction whenever necessary.


The instruction can be accessed through computers, tablets, and smartphones, so learning can be done while on a break at the office, at home, or during travel. The course is also self-guided, so people can move through the information at their own pace. Even after you’ve finished everything, you’ll be able to log in to the NADME site and review instructional materials for one year after you’ve completed the course. This access is provided just in case you quickly need to look something up or brush up on your knowledge before starting a new role.

As a medical examiner, you can open up your work opportunities to include performing physicals on other types of licensed professionals. This lets you build on what you already know and contribute to the community in another way. You’ll be helping to ensure the safety of drivers and passengers on our nation’s roads and highways.