How to apply for driving license in Mumbai? Training School or Personally?

Learning driving through a simulator

Having a driving license is mandatory by law in India. This rule is in accordance with The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It is one of the four documents you are required to carry around while driving or riding as the officials conduct a driving license check. The question is – should the process of acquiring such an important document be done through an agent or should one take the efforts to get the license personally? Let’s find out.

The process of Acquiring a Driving License

Step 1 – Learning License

In order to get a driving license, you need to first apply for a Learning License. The process of getting a learning license involves training and an online driving license test related to driving. Both the things take around 30 days from the day you apply for the learning license.

When you apply for a learning license, you will be given a date when you will have to visit the Regional Transport Office with the required set of documents and appear for an online test. You can select a specific date from the options.

Step 2 – Driving License

You need to answer at least 12 out of 20 questions correctly in order to pass the online test successfully. The questions will be mostly related to traffic rules and regulations as per The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. Multiple attempts for the online driving license test are allowed.

Once you pass the online driving license test you are given a period of 21 to 30 days to practice driving. Your instructor should be a permanent driving license holder. After the completion of this period, you can apply for a permanent driving license. At this point, since you have already passed the online test you are expected to know the traffic rules and regulations, you will be tested on your driving skills. So, you need to visit the RTO office in mumbai with the required set of documents when applying for a license.

The easiest way to apply for a Driving license

The process of acquiring a driving license is slightly complicated as it involves paperwork and multiple visits to the RTO. Nowadays, the government has tried to simplify the process by introducing online services which were a result of digitizing government processes.

When you enroll in a motor training school, they charge you a fee for their services. Sometimes, this fee also includes the processing fee for getting your license issued from the RTO. This simplifies the process to a great extent.

In both the methods, you will have to visit the RTO at least twice – once for the driving license online test and the next one at the time of driving license practice test. Also, when you apply for driving licence, you are required to submit documents like:

  • Learner’s License
  • Biometric Information
  • Form 4 (application form for permanent license)
  • Address Proof
  • School Leaving certificate / Class X marks card / Passport / Adhaar card for date of birth proof
  • Any Government issued ID for address proof (Passport / Adhaar Card / Voter ID etc.)
  • Fees

RTOs In Mumbai, Maharashtra

  • Tardeo (South Mumbai)
    Office Code : MH-01
  • Andheri (Western Suburb Mumbai)
    RTO Office Code : MH-02
  • Deputy RTO – Worli (South Mumbai)
    RTO Office Code : MH-03
  • RTO Wadala (Harbour Mumbai East)
    RTO Office Code : MH-03
  • Deputy RTO – Dahisar (Western Suburb)
    RTO Office Code : MH-47

The Bottom Line

Completing the procedure for acquiring a driving license yourself is a good idea. However, if you know someone who has successfully acquired a driving license will be helpful. In this case, you can complete the process online i.e. through the Parivahan website, if your region is listed on the website.

On the other hand, for those who have no idea about how to get a driving license can use the services provided by agents at the motor training school. As they repeatedly do this process for their student, they are well aware of the procedures, documents, fees, etc. Thus, via this method, you just have to enroll yourself at the driving school and practice to drive.