How To Apply For A Duplicate Driving License?

Duplicate Driving License Issuance Process. FAQ, Fees, Documents
It is mandatory for every driver to have a valid driving license while driving on Indian roads. A driving license is a crucial document that denotes the type of vehicle the license holder is authorized to drive. It is also an identity proof as it has personal information of the license holder mentioned on it.

It is necessary to renew the driving license from time to time. In case of an unfortunate incident where you lose or misplace your original driving license, it is suggested that you immediately apply for a duplicate driving license. Read ahead to know how to apply for a duplicate driving license.

File an FIR

In case your wallet is stolen, which had your driving license, or you feel that your driving license has been misplaced and is unprocurable, it is important to file a First Information Report (FIR) with the police. Every police station has their jurisdiction, the FIR needs to be filed at a police station in the area where you feel your driving license might have been misplaced. You need to make a copy of the FIR you have filed as it will be needed while applying for a duplicate driving license.

Get an Affidavit

Along with the FIR, you will also need an Affidavit. You will have to visit the notary office to get an Affidavit. Note that this Affidavit needs to be on a stamp paper. The FIR and the Affidavit, both need to be submitted while making an online driving license application or an offline driving license application for a duplicate license.


Make the Application

Some Indian states have digitized their processes when it comes to tasks related to their Regional Transport Office (RTO). You can visit the website of your state’s RTO to check if they accept online duplicate driving license application. If not, then you need to visit your nearest RTO office and fill the application form. You will have to fill personal details in the form and submit certain documents along with the FIR and the Affidavit.

Follow the Process

You need to cooperate with the officials at the RTO regarding the duplicate license process. It may take some time to accept your application, process it and then create your duplicate driving license. If you had a book-based driving license, it will be upgraded to a smart-card based driving license. You will have to undergo a biometric session for the same. This card has a chip embedded in it which stores your information. In case you already had a smartcard-based driving license, it will be replaced.

Beware of Scam

 Applying for a duplicate driving license is easy. However, if you feel the need to engage an agent to do so, make sure to ensure that the person is trustworthy. Do not fall for scams where someone might take a huge amount of money from you to speed up the process and then abscond.

Follow the Rules

 As mentioned above, one needs to possess a valid driving license to drive a four-wheeler or ride a two-wheeler in India. Refrain from driving any vehicle till the time you receive your duplicate driving license. Driving without a valid driving license is a punishable offense in India.

Safety First

 Once you receive your duplicate driving license, make sure to create photocopies of the same. Clicking a photo or scanning it is also a good option. These are good backup measures that might come in handy during an emergency.

Along with a valid driving license you also need to carry your vehicle’s Insurance Policy, Registration Certificate and Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate while driving. Stay alert and drive responsibly.