Ask Questions Before You Hire

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Before hiring a home care agency to provide care for you or a loved one, there are some questions that you should ask. If the workers at the agency don’t seem to want to answer the questions that you have, then you should consider finding a different agency to hire because there could be something that the company is hiding. Find out about the qualifications of the workers and the certifications that each person has and whether the agency requires the workers to have certifications before providing care. There are a few agencies that have workers who only sit with clients and don’t provide medical care. These workers usually don’t have any certifications as a nursing assistant would, but they often know CPR and first aid.

When talking to a home care agency Greenwich CT offers, you should find out if the company overall is licensed. There are some states that require agencies to be licensed in order to operate while others don’t have this requirement. Find out if there have been any failed inspections or if there have been any allegations of abuse in the past. You should also find out if any of the workers have claims of abuse against them. Ask about the training that the caregivers go through before they work with clients. Some agencies don’t offer any kind of specific training and only ask that the workers be compassionate while working with clients while other agencies will offer training with another worker for a specified length of time. If there are any concerns or emergencies with you or your family member, you need to ask about how they would be handled. You also need to find out if the agency provides any supplies or if you need to have everything that you need on hand.