Assisted Living – A Wonderful Way of Life

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Seeing your Mom or Dad move into an assisted living situation can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be a negative experience. Many residents in assisted living enjoy full lives. In fact, they find it more comforting than trying to live alone. With a little information on how to make the transition a good one, your parent can enjoy this phase of life too.

The Right Facility

The assisted living facility you pick for your parent should match their personality. If your mom or dad are outgoing individuals, look for one that offers plenty of socializing and group activities. Parents that are shy and quieter will enjoy ones with libraries, gardens, and more low key activities. The best way to figure out which one is best for everyone involved is to schedule a visit at several different places before deciding.

The Level of Care

While visiting each facility, ask about the levels of care they offer. Some only take independent individuals while others will be equipped to handle every stage, including hospice. If your parent’s health is going to slowly decline, think about the future. Being able to remain in one facility is a blessing for the entire family.

Recreating Home

Once you have selected the perfect assisted living facility, you will want to decorate their room so that it feels like home. Bring items from their house that they enjoy. You may need to purchase some new furniture pieces as well. The recliner chairs in Phoenix AZ that are for sale work perfectly. Be sure to hang family photos up of their children and grandkids as well as snapshots of special events throughout their life.

The right assisted living facility combined with proper care and items that make your parent feel at home will result in an experience you can both enjoy. They can remain somewhat independent while you can relax knowing that help is close at hand if they need it.