Chennai: A Paradise for Solo Travelers

Traveling and exploring sure is one of the most relieving and rejuvenating activities for a change from a tiring and stressful routine. Giving yourself that much-needed break from all the chaos of life is important. It isn’t always necessary to have a company along on your break; you can very much do the exploring and experience the fun of traveling alone at times! If you are a solo traveler willing to go on a vacation and have a good time with yourself, then Chennai is a good option for you. From beautiful beaches to temple monuments to places with an ancient aura about them, Chennai has a lot to offer to add to your holiday! So,book direct flights to Chennai online today and start planning your trip.
However, before you do that, let us list out some of the places you might not want to miss when you’re there!

Marina Beach
The longest natural urban beach of Chennai and of the country, Marina Beach lies along the Bay of Bengal and is the major attraction of Chennai. Stretching from Fort St. George in the North to Foreshore Estate in the South, this vast beach of Chennai is a must visit to add to your trip. Marina Beach attracts a vast number of tourists and locals on weekends and significantly more during holidays. With shops and food stalls lining along the beach, water activities to keep you entertained, the beautiful waters, and the whole gorgeous ambiance are what make Marina Beach a not-to-miss spot. However, if you aren’t a fan of crowds, you can head over early to watch the heavenly sunrise and have a pleasant, calm time at the beach!

Fort St. George
Fort St. George, historically named White Town, is the very first English Fortress in India. Founded in 1644, this fort houses the ancient St. Mary’s Church and St. George Museum and other official buildings. The Fort museum holds a bunch of ancient items and artifacts belonging to the era of the English and later British. If you are a history enthusiast, then this would be a perfect place for you to go exploring by yourself, clicking pictures and enjoying the vibe!

St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica
St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica or San Thome Basilica, a Roman Catholic Basilica in Chennai is one of the major fascinations of the city till this day for its Historic significance. It was built in the 16th century by the Portuguese over the tomb of one of Jesus’ twelve apostles, Saint Thomas. This ancient significance marks this place in the history of being one of its kinds in the country (built over the tomb of an Apostle). This was later, in 1893, reconstructed as a cathedral church by the British. You might want to stop by this ancient yet beautifully constructed place and spend some calm time exploring its entirety.

Edward Elliot Beach
Now known as Besant Nagar Beach, the Edward Elliot’s Beach forms the end point of the Marina Beach shore and is named after a onetime chief magistrate and superintendent of police at the time, Edward Elliot. This beach unlike the famous Marina Beach is way less crowded as it does not offer much activity but is best for those that prefer spending some peaceful time close to nature. One of cleanest beaches of Chennai, this beach is best suited for long walks along the waters, and for just dipping your feet in and adoring the nature. When alone on trips, calm places like these filled with the delightful beauty of nature are a must see! So, head over to Edward Elliot Beach and spend some quality time with yourself amidst nature!

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