Civil Engineering and Utility Design

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The design and construction of utility services to homes and businesses throughout a community are spearheaded by civil engineers that specialize in the delivery of freshwater, wastewater, natural gas, and stormwater to their respective locations for use, treatment, or storage. It is as important to any community as the basic infrastructure.

What is utility design?

Utility design is the facilitation of water, drainage, and gas service systems to individual projects, or entire communities. It can involve the design and construction of a huge wastewater treatment facility or add natural gas piping to operate an industrial complex. No matter how large or small the project, every detail must conform to a workable model that meets all codes and restrictions for safety. Using an experienced engineering firm for designs is a crucial part of the process.

Freshwater Supplies and Systems

The creation of freshwater resources from wastewater takes specific equipment and structures built for this particular task. Each community that has successfully engineered and placed a water treatment facility in operation understands the importance of expert input to make it all work correctly. Producing safe, usable water is the goal.

Stormwater, Wastewater, and Sewage

All wastewater, sewage, and stormwater will end up at the water treatment plant at some point. These liquids are carried through a series of ditched, culverts, and pipes to end up receiving at the facility for proper treatment. Civil engineering specialists help design and construct the pathways taken.

Water Storage and Distribution

If you have ever driven by a large water storage tank in town, you have seen the results of good civil engineering planning for freshwater storing. Above and below ground storage tanks and the needed distribution network of piping is designed and constructed to meet the needs of every individual community.

Natural Gas Systems

Natural gas is another desired utility throughout the United States. Pipe delivery systems must meet strict design standards to avoid crushing, punctures, and leaks. The network of delivery pipes are extensive and are expected to withstand the changing weather conditions and terrain.

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