English actor Toby Stephens: Would love to work in Bollywood at a drop of the hat

toby stephens and aamir khan in mangal pandey film

English actor Toby Stephens, who made his Bollywood debut with Mangal Pandey: The Rising, says he is willing to work in the Hindi film industry, but nobody has offered him a project after the 2005 film. Asked why he hasn’t done another Bollywood project, Stephens told IANS in Dubai, “I haven’t been asked back. I would love to work in Bollywood at a drop of the hat.”

The actor said he loved “working in India” for Mangal Pandey: The Rising, an Aamir Khan-starrer historical biographical drama film based on the life of Mangal Pandey.

At the moment, Stephens is busy with Netflix show Lost in Space, which will be available from April 13.

The sci-fi show is centred around a family as they struggle to survive on an alien planet, and also resolve their internal issues along with facing near-death situations. It is a reboot of 1960′ series Lost in Space.

Stephens, who played role of villain Gustav Graves in the James Bond film Die Another Day, says the essence of the show is same, but treatment is very different.

“Basically what makes it different from the original is that the family is a much more real family which we can relate to. Everyone comes from a family which has its own dysfunction.

“Without being depressing, the characters are aspirational. They are the people who are trying to do better and be better People and sort out their problems. I think that is something everybody can relate to and everyone can aspire to be,” he said.

Toby Stephens also led the cast of Starz’s pirate drama Black Sails. He also appeared in a pivotal role in BBC’s miniseries adaptation of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None that also starred Charles Dance, Aiden Turner, and Sam Neil.