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After doing everything that you can to protect your teeth and get them repaired if there are any issues that arise, you might have to make a decision to get dentures. This doesn’t mean that you have made bad choices about your teeth and mouth. It simply means that your teeth can’t stand up to the pressure that is exerted by the bacteria in your mouth and the other issues that arise. Fortunately, a dentures Chicago office can walk you through the steps that are involved from the removal of your teeth to adjusting the dentures so that they function like your natural teeth.

There is a possibility that you only need a partial set of dentures. This means that you will still have some of your natural teeth in place along with a few teeth that are fake. If you need a full set of dentures, then you should be prepared to have all of your teeth removed. It usually takes about three months for the mouth to fully heal before dentures can be placed in your mouth. Many dentists will give you a temporary set of dentures so that you can talk normally and eat normally. This set can also help to maintain the structure of the lips and the mouth before your permanent dentures are placed in your mouth. Partial dentures are often considered bridges. They attach to other teeth that are in your mouth that are healthy.

Your dentist will take a mold of your teeth and mouth to send to a lab that will make your dentures. After the mold, the necessary teeth are removed. Medication is given during the extraction process so that you’re comfortable. You can also take medications to help with pain for when you’re at home. Soon, you will be fitted with your dentures and discuss the details about how to keep them clean and maintained.