Five Tips to Get Your Kitchen Organized

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Working in a messy or cluttered kitchen can take away the joy that comes from cooking. It can cause you to feel frustrated every time you have to make a meal. Here are five tips to help you get your kitchen organized.

Do you have a junk drawer in your kitchen? Most people do. It is the place where rubber bands, twist ties, clothespins, and tons of other things go because there is no other spot for them. Organize all of these items by using lidded containers. Make sure the lids are clear plastic, which will allow you to see what is inside the container. The next time you need a rubber band, you will be able to see exactly which container it is in.

It is helpful to attach small spring loaded casters to the bottom side of items in your kitchen that you would like to make mobile. For example, you can attach these casters to shelves, tables, the garbage can, and other items. Not only does it make moving the item from one place to another easier when you need it, but it is a whole lot easier to clean under the item when you can just roll it away and then push it back in place.

Do you have all of your measuring spoons somewhere in the bottom of a drawer? Instead of digging through drawers or large containers to find them every time you need to measure something, store your measuring spoons in a glass canning jar right next to the stove. This will allow you easy access to the spoons, the glass jar is easy to clean, and it will look cute.

It can be a challenge to find a way to store cutting boards in a way that is easily accessible but out of the way. Purchase an inexpensive magazine holder and then attach it to the inside of a cabinet. The boards will be easy to find every time you need them but out of the way.

Attach adhesive hooks inside cabinets, under cupboards, and almost anywhere else to hang utensils and other items you use in the kitchen. This makes accessing them a breeze.