How To Get Your Driving License Without Paying Extra To Agents?

A driver looks from an Uber self-driving car on September 13, 2016 in Pittsburgh, Penn.

Driving is an activity which needs to be done right, there are no half measures. A bad driver is a threat to oneself as well as others. A driving license is a key document if you wish to drive your vehicle on Indian roads. It is a proof that you are qualified to drive a vehicle and have passed the necessary test. A driving license is a valid proof of identity as well. Read ahead to know about various aspects of a driving license.

Changing Times

Few years ago, the entire driving license ecosystem was unorganized. This created a lot of loopholes in the system and thus gave an opportunity for some to earn extra bucks on the sidelines. Malpractices were rampant. Citizens were exploited and that eventually prompted the change.

Now, technology has taken over the driving license ecosystem and made it transparent. It has created an organized Regional Transport Office (RTO) and thus eradicated several malpractices. It is an ongoing process and continuously improving.

You can now apply for RTO license online. There is no need to pay extra money to agents to get an RTO driving license. From downloading the RTO license online form to getting an RTO driving test appointment, the process can be easily done online.

RTO Driving License and Types

A license issued for a private vehicle cannot be used to drive a vehicle for commercial purpose. There are different procedures for different types of driving licenses. Someone might require a driving license for a motorcycle with gear, someone might need one for a transport vehicle, while someone might need a driving license for both. The core of it remains the same but there are subtle differences in the process.

Primarily, there are two types of driving license, learner’s license and driving license. Learner’s license is given when a person is still learning to drive. One receives a driving license after successfully clearing the written and practical tests.

Why Apply Online?

Applying for a driving license online is quick and convenient compared to personally visiting the RTO, filling forms, and dealing with unnecessary paperwork. To apply for a driver’s license or a learner’s license online, one needs to visit Ministry of Road Transport and Highways’ website, fill the form, and submit it. A test will be scheduled and upon clearing it, a learner’s license is issued. The applicant has to apply for a permanent driving license after one month and before six months of the date when the learner’s license was issued.

One can save time and effort by applying for a driving license online. The application can be made from the comfort of one’s house. One can also book a slot for tests online in certain Indian states. This makes it convenient to manage your daily activities and plan the driving license process in a streamlined manner.


While applying for a driving license, one needs to submit basic documents related to one’s identity. The applicant’s name and address will be printed on the driving license; thus, it is important to share accurate information. One needs to carry the driving license all the time while driving. It is one of the key document/card that is demanded by the traffic police.

Heavy penalties are imposed for driving without a valid driving license. Keeping a track of its expiry date and renewing it is essential. One shouldn’t drive a vehicle when the driving license is not active. It is as good as not having a driving license. Applying and renewing for a driving license is simple and can be done easily online without the need for any agent.