How To Choose the Best Gender-Neutral Baby Gifts

Your sister is having her first baby, and you couldn’t be more thrilled. Your dream of nestling that tiny bundle and being the best aunt is finally coming true! You can’t wait to shop for all sorts of cute baby boy and girl gifts. There is just one problem: Your sister and her husband want to be surprised by the baby’s gender. While you can understand their choice, it may make shopping a little more difficult. Use these tips in search of the best neutral baby gifts.

Stick to Neutral Colors

When choosing outfits and accessories for the baby, stick to colors that can be for either gender. Yellow is always a solid color for newborn babies of either gender. Stock up on small shirts, pants, hats and socks in tans, greens and white. Gender neutral baby gifts don’t have to be drab. Find cute patterns like ducks, frogs or even a fun tie-dyed number. You can also choose a color the couple is fond of.

Diapers and Bath Accessories

A new baby needs lots of basic supplies. Things like diapers, washcloths and burp clothes are always a good fit for any gender. While some diapers are gender-specific, it isn’t necessary. Put together a bathtub with baby soaps, lotions and nail clippers.

Layette and Sleepwear

Some of the sweetest clothes are layette gowns. These look like dressing gowns, but with elastic at the bottom. They provide easier access for changing baby and taking care of the umbilical cord, but also make sure the baby’s feet and legs are covered. These work for boys and girls. If you aren’t fond of that look, find some cute onesie¬†pajamas. Just be mindful of the temperature, so you don’t get something too warm in the summer months.

Choosing baby gifts is a fun shopping experience no matter the gender. Keep your eyes peeled for items that can be useful and appropriate in any case.