How to Protect Crops Without Chemicals

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Chemicals help farmers get rid of bugs that damage crops. However, when certain chemical products aren’t handled properly, the toxic elements can destroy various plants that grow in a landscape environments. If you want to keep spiders and other bugs away from your crops without relying on chemical solutions, there are several things that you must consider.

Rotate the Crop

The process of rotating a crop is easy, and special tools aren’t needed in order to accomplish different farming objectives that involve crop rotation. In order to rotate a crop, you’ll only have to alternate the kinds of crops that you plant each year. These strategic changes will affect bugs, as they will have problems adjusting to the different items that are growing on your landscape. Besides the reduced pest population, you’ll also enhance your soil by swapping out the crops annually.

In order to produce efficient results, you must plant legumes while rotating a crop. These plants have unique components that fertilize crops with nitrogen. The enhancement process occurs shortly after the plants begin to grow because the nitrogen elements are found in the bacteria on the roots.


Intercropping is a farming method that involves planting multiple crops in strategic zones on one landscape. When farmers implement intercropping procedures, pests don’t roam around areas where a host plant is found. The best way to design a crop with intercropping elements is by scattering multiple plant species within different distances. This strategy will make the process of destroying specific crops tougher for pests.

Besides pests, other things can harm crops that grow in various farming zones. If you’re concerned about chemical waste that could contaminate water sources in your area, consider pursuing practical environmental options that will benefit your community. In many counties, catalyst property management and waste management services help government officials maintain a healthy environment.