Increasing Your Home’s Energy Efficiency

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There are many ways in which your home may be losing energy. Windows and doors could be letting out hot or cold air without you knowing, or your plumbing could have leaks that cause water waste. There are several ways to test the energy efficiency of your home so you can catch problems quickly and save both energy and money.

Smoke Test

One convenient way to test your plumbing for leaks is by using a smoke pump tester. Smoke tests work by blowing smoke through the plumbing to find leaks in the pipes. The smoke escapes through cracks or defaults, allowing you to easily find the problem. This method is usually quick and simple, and can help you find and repair issues that may be causing unnecessary waste. 

Blower Door Test

Another simple method of finding inefficiencies in your home is the blower door test. This method puts the house under negative pressure to check for air tightness. A large fan pulls the air from the house, lowering the air pressure inside. Then the higher air pressure from outside flows in, revealing cracks in seals. These flaws can be detected using smoke pencil tests. You can then easily locate problem areas and fix them to increase the energy efficiency of your home.

Duct Blaster Test

Much like the door blaster test, a duct blaster test checks your ducts for leaks through air pressure. This test can measure leakage in your duct system, allowing you to accurately diagnose any problems. Once you have located and repaired the leak, your efficiency and capacity can be increased and indoor air quality can be improved. 

By utilizing various methods to check for leaks in doors, windows, plumbing, or air ducts, you can quickly and easily diagnose and repair problems that cause losses in efficiency and save both energy and money.