Jump down review: Designed in a way to de-stress the gamer


It is one such game that has owned all the mobile game players since it came to the play store. The USP is the ease at which you can play it. Age is no bar to the interest that you will have in playing this. It is a perfect game to play when you are bored and want some adrenaline rush. It is made such that a kid, his father and his grandfather will have same level of interest in the game.

The graphics

Be it food or an app, it all comes down to the visual appeal. The graphics of this game is really made with utmost care. You will be able to see and interpret everything. Due to the awesome graphic work this game you will actually take you to its world and you will feel that you need to save yourself. Graphics alone have the power to make a gamer stay and complete level after level.

How to play?

The name says it all. You need to jump down in the game. Basically, you will be a short guy in the game which will be needed to be saved from dyning due to the obstacles in the path. Your objective will be to save the character by dodging all the obstacles. Jump down is a level based game so you will be promoted to the next level once you clear the last one. Needless to say, the levels will get more difficult and adventurous as you go up the ladder. If you get killed in a level you will have to restart the level and make it to the end.


The music

Capturing your sight with tremendous graphics now jump down is capturing your hearing with awesome sounds. The music is a very great tool for the designer to make the game engaging. You will be lost into the world of jump down with the deadly combination of music and graphics. This is just another reason why you will not be able to leave the game.

Playing this game is highly recommended as it is one game whose creator knew the ways to keep you engaged. You will not face any boredom whatsoever because of the level system. After passing each level you will be facing something more difficult and exciting. This is the reason why the interest level remains up all the time.

Moreover the relaxation it provides is great. Usually the games are designed in a way to de-stress the gamer. This game is no different. With the music it has and the graphics it possesses it will surely give you a time out from the stressful world. And the best part about this app is that it hardly takes any space on your phone and does not asks you to update it every now and then. So, if you want your boredom to leave you and excitement to fill your life go and just simply Link to the play store.


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