LOOSE LIPS: Guess the female actor who goes on secret vacation alone?

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Well, its vacation time and most of the stars are all set to take off to various foreign locales with their friends and family. While some actor couples fly to romantic spots preferably beaches, some opt for snow-clad mountains as their abode for the vacay. But what if we tell you that there is one star who goes on a vacation to not chill by the poolside or enjoy the scenic beauty but for rejuvenation. Yes, you read that right. A holiday that is all about rejuvenating your beauty and figure.

So, who is this beautiful lady who can’t take a break to chill and have fun but is utilising the vacation for her rejuvenation? Let us give you some clues. She entered the industry and was not an instant hit but something about her did make her special to someone. She revamped herself and was known for her looks. She was soon in every producers’ list of the female actor to work with next. During the good phase, she was dating a fellow star. However, the relationship too didn’t last and our female actor was in the pits again. Soon the actor realised that she should ensure that audiences want to see her more. Well this worked but only once she found this place in the beautiful hills abroad that has a resort that caters to beauty and weight issues.

A close friend of our gorgeous actor told us how she has been doing this for last 6 years without anyone finding out her little secret, “So to keep it her secret spot, she started taking vacation trips which will include going to a spot in a country nearby. She spends a couple of days there and then takes a quick detour to her oasis of beauty that she feels gives her elixir that keeps her ravishing every time she is back from her trip. She does it without fail at least once a year.”

Darling, why do you need these treatments? You are beautiful as it is and your fans can vouch for that. Well, we hope this trip of yours is not busted and you keep entertaining us with your awesome moves like you have been till now. And hope one day you realize that beauty is only skin deep. It’s the heart that matters the most!