Procedure to Change the Address in Your Driving License

Keeping the driving license updated with current details is necessary. This holds true irrespective of you moving to a new city, locality or even a few blocks from your current address. If you are looking for the process of updating address on your driving license, here are the steps:

Steps to Update the Address on Driving License

One can update the address on a driving license either by using online services or by personally visiting the Regional Transport Office (RTO). Follow these steps to update the address on your driving license:

Step 1 Documents

Collect all the necessary documents which will be required in order to request the change of address. To apply for driving license change of address you will require documents like driving license form, latest photographs, original driving license, address proof, NOC (mandatory when moving to another state), etc. In case you choose the online method, you will require soft copies of the documents mentioned above along with the driving license online form.

Step 2 Application

To apply for driving license change of address, visit the nearest RTO or Parivahan website. Keep the documents handy. If you visit the RTO office, submit the hard copies and application form to the officer. For the online mode, select your state and proceed to click on Apply Online on the left side of the screen to fill your details in the driving license online form. Next, click on Services on Driving license (Renewal/Duplicate/Aedl/Others). Complete the process of entering driving license details and upload the documents.

Step 3 Payment of Fees

A fee is charged every time you need to update driving license details. The fees are nominal. You need to pay around Rs. 200 to Rs. 250 depending upon the rules and regulation of your state. You can pay the fee in the RTO office or via online payment methods.

Step 4 Completion

The process of issuing an updated driving license will begin after your application for changing driving license details. It may take up to 30 working days for the license to reach you via post.

Why Should Driving License Be Updated?

Driving license is considered to be one of the important identity proofs issued by the legal authorities in India. It can also be used as an address proof. Thus, it is necessary to apply for driving license change of address if you change your residence. It is an offense to drive a vehicle on the basis of an old address for a long time in other Indian states.

What Are the Types of Driving License in India?

In India, there are two types of driving licenses – commercial and private driving license. As the name suggests, commercial license will permit the driver to drive transport and goods carrying vehicles. On the other hand, a license for private use authorizes the driver to drive vehicles meant for private use only. One cannot drive a commercial vehicle while holding a private license.

Rules for Holding a Private Driving License

To hold a driving license for private vehicles, one must be over and above the age of 18 years. He/she should pass online tests, held at the RTO, that tests the applicant’s knowledge about traffic rules and regulations. Also, the applicant must complete 30 days of training to learn driving. Finally, the applicant should pass the practical exam, which tests his/her driving skills.

Rules for Holding a Commercial Driving License

Rules applicable to license holder of a private vehicle hold true for getting a commercial license. One must hold a private driving license for at least one year before applying for a commercial license. The age criteria ranges from 20 to 21 years depending on the state.

The Bottom Line

Keeping important documents updated will help in avoiding any fine imposed by the authorities. As mentioned earlier, a driving license can also be used as an identity proof or address proof. Similarly, it is necessary to renew any expired documents in order to be on the right side of the law.