Three Reasons to Recycle Your Eletronics

Plastic, glass, cardboard, electronics. The first three you already know need to be recycled. So, it’s probably more than habit now that you add those items to the other-colored waste bin in your carport. But what about the fourth item … electronics?

The Costliest Recyclable

Out of the items listed, electronics are the ones that are most important to recycle. And not only so they can be repurposed for other uses. Electronics as small as scientific calculators and as large as data servers are bulky. Thus, they take up space for legitimate items.

There Are More Reasons

There are more reasons why your electronics need to be recycled. Here are three of them

Corrosive Chemicals

Many electrical and digital components are made of caustic chemicals. When thrown into a regular landfill, they can seep into the ground. In turn, they reach the water table to cause contamination. This is especially true for discarded electronics that are sent to Third World countries for disposal.


People who throw their electronics in the trash probably don’t wipe the data from them. This means individuals and groups can retrieve your Personally Identifiable Information (PII). It may be as minor as your address or as huge as your credit card or SSI number. When you recycle your electronics the first thing done is wiping the data storage device.

You Create Jobs

Well, technically not you. Instead, it’s a group effort. The more people who recycle their electronics, the more jobs there are for people to clean and repurpose them. In addition, these individuals learn more about the technology that they take into other industries.

How Can I Start Recycling My Electronics?

Reach out to a company in your area like Greentec that specializes in this form of recycling. If you have items that store PII, the staff will wipe the data clean and send you a statement detailing all the steps they took. Not only will you get rid of older technology through this process, but you’ll also contribute to the betterment of our planet. electronic recycling Toronto