Three Signs You Need to Replace Your Fuel Filter

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Owning or working with a vehicle also comes with the responsibility of maintenance. It is important to check for every vital component and replace it at the earliest sign of trouble. This practice should also apply to your fuel filter, as a dirty filter can take a great toll on the vehicle. While you should check on the filter and get a new one at least every year, you should also pay attention to the following warning signs.

Difficult Engine Start

The most obvious sign of a fuel filter issue is when starting the engine. Pay attention if the engine either struggles to start or refuses to start during ignition. If the culprit is the filter, the problem is most likely caused by the gasoline becoming too clogged with contaminants, making it difficult to distribute throughout the vehicle. Whether the vehicle refuses to start or does not start at all, you will need airdog replacement filters to restore fuel distribution.

Rough Idling

Another potential symptom of fuel issues caused by a contaminated filter is found when the vehicle is idle. If you stop the vehicle while the engine is running, you might feel some rumbling and hear some loud noises. This is likely the result of a compromised fuel filter interrupting the fuel flow.

Acceleration Issues

One more sign of a fuel filter problem arises when you must accelerate the vehicle to perform a major task. For instance, if you increase your speed while on the highway or you drive uphill, you will need to accelerate. If the engine does not respond appropriately, it is likely that the fuel filter needs replacement, since the engine requires a fuel boost during acceleration.

Always pay attention to signs like these and replace the fuel filter when possible. It is a simple and cheap solution to a problem that can become complex and expensive to fix when left unattended.