Three Tips For Handling Commercial Dryer Repairs In-House

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Like many savvy business owners, if you own your own laundromat and are interested in conserving cash, you may find yourself attempting to perform your own washing machine or dryer repairs. With the right skills, tools, and experience, many knowledgeable laundry owners are more than capable of managing these projects entirely on their own. Following are three tips that will make the repair process significantly easier.

Learn More About Your Existing Warranties

Before removing any equipment covers or taking any moving components apart, take the time to read through your current product warranties. If these have expired, then you have absolutely nothing to lose by attempting to fix the equipment on your own. If these protections still exist, however; you might want to avoid implementing any repair efforts until you have the necessary certifications. In most cases, even removing the cover from a motor or other moving component will immediately void your warranty entirely. Keep in mind that if you’re in this business for the long haul, it may be in your best interests to obtain the necessary, technical training for performing maintenance and repairs on your own. This way, you can both save money and preserve your product warranties.

Find A Reputable Supplier To Provide The Needed Parts

In order to truly save money on these efforts, you have to find the best place to obtain the required, commercial dryer parts and other equipment components. Look for top-rated companies with transparent pricing, competitive rates, rapid deliveries, and a vast selection of both new and reconditioned components. If your units are old and out of date, you can even work with many of these entities to find affordable and more efficient replacements that are offered as slightly used.

Don’t Hesitate To Call Professionals In If You Ever Feel Overwhelmed By The Job

Sometimes, the absolute best way to protect your business and all of the equipment and other assets that are necessary for supporting it is by knowing when to seek professional help. If you have experience in working with washing machines and dryers, and if you aren’t going to compromise any warranties or other guarantees in the process, then this is definitely a job that you can handle on your own. In all other cases, however, outsourcing this work to qualified and licensed professionals will ultimately prove far cheaper than trying to handle repairs that you may not be able to successfully pull off.