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Tips to Ride Your Bike Safely in India

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Bike riding is certainly among the most enjoyable and simple pleasures of life. However, as a rider, you need to be mindful of the rapidly changing scenarios so that you can steer clear of potential hazards. The Indian roads are getting congested by the day and given the poor road conditions, riding entails considerable dangers. Riding safety is not just about getting bike insurance, following traffic rules or servicing your bike, there are many other factors on the road that you need to pay attention to in order to ride safely. Here are some handy tips that will help you avert dangers on the road and make you an expert rider: –

Maintain a Safe Distance from Large Vehicles

Bikes rider tend to ride their bikes even through the narrow gaps between vehicles. Doing this can be dangerous especially if you try to zip in closely between large vehicles such as trucks and buses. Large vehicles generally need a lot of space to turn and the drivers have a limited field of vision. If you happen to be in their blind spot, there are high chances of a hit. So make sure you respect large vehicles on the road and maintain a safe distance.

Keep an Eye Out for Rash Drivers

Rash driving is a frequent occurrence on the Indian roads. They drive recklessly not caring about lane discipline, hence getting close to them or trying to overtake them can be dangerous. If you pay enough attention, you can spot the rash drivers easily. They usually tend to zigzag across the lanes at top speed. When you encounter such drivers, don’t try to overtake them or block them, just let them pass.

Don’t Follow a Four-Wheeler at The Centre

It’s always safer to align your bike to the right or left of the vehicle ahead of you. Since India does not have a separate lane for two wheelers, things tend to get messy. When you follow a vehicle at the centre, the cars behind you may try to overtake, which can be dangerous. There’s also the danger of potholes and obstacles, which you cannot spot if you tail a vehicle from the centre.

Pay Attention to Road Conditions

Road conditions affect a bike rider more than four wheelers as bikes can lose balance easily. Things such as loose sand, gravel, protruding cables, potholes or sharp objects can topple your bike. So never take your eyes off the road.

Use Quality Safety Gear

Always buy good quality helmets as they can make all the difference between life and death in case of accidents. Also, don’t forget to buckle the helmet around your head each time you ride the bike. Shoes and jackets are also recommended safety gears while riding a bike.

Avoid Over-Speeding

Most of the bikes sold in the market come with powerful engines that are capable of outrageous speeds. Naturally, bike riders tend to over speed for the thrill of riding. However, speeding can be fatal especially on city roads. Always stick to the recommended speed limits on the road.