Top 6 Reasons to Buy Your Car Insurance Policy Online

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The world is going digital. From crockery to property, people search for their interests on the internet. And why not? A wide range of options is at their disposal in a matter of a few clicks. Buying things online result in a quick, secure and genuine purchase.

One of the popular products that is often purchased online is the insurance for car. If you are yet to board the online jet, step-in after knowing what it is all about. But before we proceed here is what car insurance is:

Technically a car insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company that states the terms and conditions under which your car will be insured. It says that your insurer will bear the cost of repairing damages or compensating you or the third party in case of an accident.

A Car Insurance Policy Can Be Of Two Types:

  • Third-party Liability Policy
  • Comprehensive Insurance for Car

The Third-party car insurance policy covers you against damages caused to the third party or their property. Your insurer will look after the expenses arising due to a third party being injured due to your car. On the other hand, the comprehensive car insurance policy will cover losses you have suffered due to your damaged car. It offers a wider coverage as compared to Third-party Car insurance online policy.

What Is The Process Of Buying Car Insurance?

There are two ways in which you can buy insurance for car. One is via offline means and the other is online car insurance. To buy a policy offline, you will have to visit the insurance company personally or get in touch with an insurance agent. In both methods, you need to share the details related to you and your car, select add-ons and make the payment. The difference is that you can avail a host of benefits while buying online car insurance. Let us look at these benefits:

Top 6 Reasons to Buy Your Car Insurance Policy Online

#1. Get the policy instantly

Online renewal of car insurance will be done instantly if your previous policy has expired very recently. Your insurer may not require another round of inspection if you regularly renew your car insurance. After you select the policy, submit the details related to you and your car, and make the payment. Expect your policy to arrive in your inbox instantly.

#2. Comparison of Policies

Buying a policy offline will not give you a chance to consider other car insurance policies. Online car insurance in India will allow you to compare different types of car insurance policies. You can compare things like coverage, price, add-ons, or services offered by the insurance company.

#3. Car Insurance Premium Calculator

When you buy online car insurance, you can predict the cost of your policy in advance. This is possible by using an online car insurance premium calculator. If you are aware of a few details like the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of your car, manufacturing year, make and model, number of claims, etc. you can easily determine the approximate cost of your online car insurance in India.

#4. Secure Payments

Online car insurance allows you to purchase insurance directly from the insurance company. This also includes direct payments. Paying online is probably the most secure way of transferring money to someone. Online payment gateways are secured with multiple layers of security and your details are not saved anywhere.

#5. No Middleman

As mentioned earlier, you will be buying the policy directly from the insurance company. This also implies, there will be no middleman involved in the process. Thus, you or the insurance company do not have to pay any commission to the middleman. This is mainly why online car insurance policies are cheaper as compared to buying them offline.

#6. 24×7 Availability

Online websites do not follow office timings. They are available 24×7. You can access the website of your preferred car insurance company anytime. All you need is an active internet connection and a device to access the insurer’s website.