Travel Plans with Rummy, Food and Friends


Travel is the best way to rejuvenate. A mind needs to get rid of stress and create new memories that are hopeful and positive. The best way to do this is by travelling. The merits of travelling far exceed the drawbacks. The travel occasions become even more fun when you have friends to accompany you and a deck of cards to help you pass time. Here is how you can go about planning the perfect trip with rummy, food and friends:

Decide How You Will Travel

Today, it is possible to travel from one corner of India to the other in a matter of hours or take a few days’ leisure trip. It is for you to decide what kind of trip you plan. While plane trips are quick, road trips are definitely more enjoyable and you get to stop over at different locations too. You may even choose train trips if that is more convenient for you.

Make a List of Friends for the Route

A travel plan needs to include good company. You must take time to create a list of friends who maybe interested in such a trip. Decide a tentative date and ask all your friends when they are free and when they are not. Make a list of friends who can make it for the trip on the said date. Reconfirm the attendance of these friends a week later so that you may finally schedule the trip.

Carry Your Deck of Cards

The best part of long trips is that you get to play a lot of fun games with friends during the travel. Card games are most fun when you have people who enjoy these games equally well. You may carry multiple card decks so that everyone can play and enjoy the games simultaneously. Do not restrict yourself to just playing cards. You may also pick a few decks of Uno as it is fun and completely enjoyable during a journey.

Shop for Snacks and Quick Bites

When you are travelling, you can never be sure when you will get to have a nice meal again. That is why it is best to shop for enough snacks for all the people who are travelling. Pick a mix of wafers, chips, biscuits, chocolates, Namkeen, Farsan, Chocolate flavoured cornflakes and nuts. You may also carry packets of instant food like noodles, oats, soups, nuggets, French fries and cutlets. Once you are sure you have enough food for everyone onboard, move to the next step.

Plan Some Rummy Tourneys for the Route

Just playing the game of rummy is not enough. You need to add to the excitement of the game by making it a rummy tournament. You can have exciting levels or rounds of the rummy games between different teams. The final winners definitely deserve a very good gift. Shop for this gift before starting on the trip. Select something that everyone will like as a gift.

Such rummy patti games organised for trips and travel make the whole journey even more exciting. Even many years after the journey, you may remember how the people in the trip competed for winning the tough round of rummy. This will help to build fond memories.

If you are already deciding for such a trip, practice your rummy skills on Khelplay Rummy so that you are sure to win that special gift kept aside for tournament winners.