Upgrade Your Office Without Renovating

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Although a complete office building renovation is always the most impressive type of upgrade, it’s also the most expensive. Not many people can afford to finance a full capital improvement project, but there are other ways to make your work environment look better. Here are some quick and easy ways you can make upgrade your office without hiring a general contractor.

Add Some Color

Most offices are painted plain white and don’t have much aesthetic appeal. Accent walls don’t just have to be for homes, you can have them at work too. Also, don’t underestimate what a couple of colorful rugs and a few new lively paintings can do for your environment.

Pick Up Some New Furniture

If you’ve been getting by with old and unmatched furniture for as long as you can remember it might be time to upgrade your commercial office furniture. You don’t even have to get anything that’s brand new, several companies offer high quality pre-owned desks, tables and chairs for a fraction of their original prices.

Ditch the Whiteboards

Most offices have at least one giant whiteboard for group note taking, and unfortunately they don’t add any pleasing qualities to a professional atmosphere. Modern work places are starting to opt for chalkboard instead as they have a classier feel and they’re also a lot more fun. If you want to take it one step further you can paint an entire office wall with chalkboard paint. Imagine being able to take notes at a moment’s notice. These days you can even purchase dust-free chalk.

Bring in Plants

It’s truly amazing how much of a difference a few potted plants can make. You can add small desk plants in colorful pots or you can get large plants that stand in the corners. The most common type of large plants found in offices are Kentia Palm, Ficus and Jade plants.

Some of these easy and inexpensive improvements can make a huge difference.