Vacuum Pumps: What You Need To Know

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Vacuum pumps have changed as technology has advanced throughout the years. Like many products, vacuum pumps may be designed for a specific purpose then find other uses in other industries. The pumps are used in a variety of common machines and for industrial purposes.


Moving air out of or into something is the main purpose of a vacuum pump. Air may replace water or gas depending on the use of the pump. Sometimes busch vacuum pumps power certain equipment pieces such as gyroscopes in aircraft.


The variety of uses for vacuum pumps is too large to list here, but this should give you an idea of how prevalent they are in society. Semiconductors are processed using vacuum pumps. They are also used to create electric lamps and vacuum tubes. Sump pumps are a commonly used vacuum pump to move water uphill.


There’s more than one classification of a vacuum pump. Mechanical pumps need a power source either an electric motor or internal combustion engine to operate. A kinetic vacuum pump uses momentum to move the gas back and forth from the inlet to the outlet. The most popular mechanical version is the rotating-vane pump using high-velocity spinning rotors around a shaft to trap air. The compressed-air pump is another classification relying on a vacuum created by pressure differentials.


Like any machine, vacuum pumps need routine maintenance in order to continue working effectively. Cleaning the pump with a soft cloth after each use keeps oil and dirt from building up on the pump. The oil lubricates the machine and needs regular changing much like your vehicle.

With the variety of uses of vacuum pumps, you are likely to run into one either at home or work at some point. Consider buying a quality vacuum pump to meet your needs to maintain the work for a long time and cut down on maintenance costs.