What to Look for in a POS System for a Dry Cleaner

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If you run a dry cleaning business, you know that a lot goes on behind the scenes. You need the perfect software to help you manage customers, track sales, and so much more. Check out these tips to help you learn what to seek out in a POS for your dry cleaning business.

Multiple Forms of Payment

In the past, businesses rarely needed credit card readers. These days, businesses rarely work with cash. That doesn’t mean you don’t need the ability to handle both, though. A good point-of-sale system will allow you to take multiple forms of payment, including major credit cards, cash, debit cards, and gift cards. If you offer store credit, the system should also be able to manage that.

Customer Tracking Options

A strong POS system must allow you to quickly and easily track your customers’ drop-offs and pick-ups. Your clients are trusting you with their most valuable and often most coveted items of clothing, so your POS system must be able to manage who drops off which items, when they drop them off, and when you must complete the order. It is also important to track a customer’s personal contact information, loyalty rewards, and other information that provides personalized service.

Analytics Information

Of course, your POS system needs to work well for you, too. Relevant software will allow you to analyze your company from behind the scenes. It will track your profits and expenses, manage your inventory, and even allow you to track the hours of your employees so that you know what you owe them on payday. You should be able to break down your profits and expenses based on service as well. This allows you to track which services are the most profitable and which may need some tweaking.

When choosing dry cleaner POS software, research thoroughly first. Look for reviews, compare prices, and never be afraid to ask questions to ensure you get exactly what you need.