WhatsApp for iPhone Update Brings Photo and Video Editing, Group Invite Link Features

After introducing it on Android, WhatsApp has brought along the ability to draw, add text, and emojis on top of photos and videos to the iPhone app as well . The update also brings another new feature called ‘Group Invite Link’ that allows the admin to invite people simply by sharing a unique link with them.

WhatsApp for iPhone version 2.16.12 brings Snapchat-like abilities to scribble, draw, add text, and even emojis to photos and videos. This ability was first seen on the beta Android app, and then later was introduced for all Android users earlier this month. Now, iPhone users can also use these editing tools without ever leaving the app.

Once you finish clicking a photo or a video in-app, these additional new tools pop-up on the top right-edge of the screen. The smiley icon will pop up all Apple emojis, the ‘T’ lets you write on top of images and videos, and the drawing tool lets you scribble away to your heart’s content.

As mentioned earlier, the WhatsApp for iPhone update also brings a new feature called ‘Group Invite Link’. This feature allows the admin to send users a unique link to a new user. The user can then just click on the link and they will automatically become a member of the group. This unique invite link is found in the group info, and the link can be shared across other platforms as well. When someone tries to join a group using one of these links, they are given basic details about the group like name and other existing participants.

The update also brings a few design changes like the user profile picture and name position has been changed. Earlier, the name showed up in the top centre, while the profile picture sat at top right. However, with this update both the name and profile picture show up on the top left. This change is welcome because often iPhone users mistakenly ended up WhatsApp calling people, while all they wanted to do was see the user’s profile picture.

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